How to have a super successful event

Hi Fans,

    In issue #18, the big, bad, ugly, and evil villain in this comic is a Holiday party where everybody sits around being bored wishing they were somewhere else. 

    Wouldn’t you rather have all of your guests laughing, applauding, and enjoying themselves?

What Will Create Memories and an Exciting Experience is Providing Quality Entertainment...

    That is where you and I are going to be a SuperHero Duo who will create a wonderful fun time at this year’s Holiday party.  We’ll have more adventure and excitement at the party than Batman and Robin ever had defeating the Joker.

    I know that you might be a little nervous being a new superhero.  The following testimonial below will help you feel at ease with this adventure.

“Godfrey, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I was skeptical when I first received your promotional materials.  I was not sure if my employees and clients would enjoy your magic.  This was the most important event of the year for us.  You certainly delivered what you promised.  Everybody loved you and felt wonderful about themselves and our company.  Your positive personality really does inspire and motivate people.”

-Chris Allen, C.C. Allen Productions, Mesa, Arizona

    One of the important factors in creating a really special Holiday party is to make sure your guests start having fun right away...minutes after they arrive.  That’s where “walk around” entertainment comes in.

    You’ll be delighted when you hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 7 minute high-energy mini shows which consist of amazing and humorous feats of magic. 

    Most people have only experienced magic on TV or on a huge stage like in Las Vegas.  People are astonished when the magic takes place inches from their noses. 

    Most of the walk around magic that I perform actually happens in people’s hands.  They freak!

    This enchanting, fun, and intimate form of “walk around” entertainment is perfect for holiday parties because it does not require any special venues.  You can have me entertain practically anywhere, in house, banquet room, company office, warehouse, and even while your guests are waiting in line to get food.

“An After Dinner Show That Makes People Laugh So Hard Their Sides Hurt!”

   Should this much fun be banned? The Stand up show is a 30 to 45 minute stage show that the entire audience will watch and experience at the same time.  It is filled with tons of baffling magic, hilarious comedy, and a mind reading routine that will blow away your guests.

    Lots and lots of audience participation.  You’ll love seeing the guests up on stage with me having the time of their lives.

    The stand up show will be created and designed to help you fit the needs of your holiday party.  If it is a small party in a home, a smaller version can be performed in any room that there is space for me to perform and a place for your guests to watch the fun.

    You can also be provided a show that will fill a large stage and entertain thousands of people.  I once opened for Weird Al Yankovic where there were over 8,000 in attendance. 

    The bigger show can include illusions where I float a member of the audience in the air.  They’ll feel like they’re flying like Superman.

    You can also see me saw one of your guests in half and, of course, I’ll use my SuperHero magical powers and superglue them back together before they leave the party.

“The Best Of Both Worlds...An Incredible Entertainment Combination!”


    This deluxe combination package includes one hour of my walk-around magic and the complete stand up show.  It is an ideal partnership that will make your important holiday party extra special!

    This is a great combination because it allows me to meet and entertain your guests before the stand up show.  Your guests will be more excited about the stage show and I’ll also be able to get a very good idea who will be on stage with me.

Okay, Godfrey.  I Want To Be Your SuperHero Partner. What Should I do Now?

    You should contact me as soon as possible because the Holiday season is very close.  You can reach me by email or telephone.

    When contacting me, share with me as much information about your event as possible.  I really want to make you happy.  If I’m not the right entertainer for your party, I’ll be the first one to tell you and I’ll recommend the best act for you.

Information to Share With Godfrey So That He’ll Provide You With the Best Possible Show...

  1.   Your name and organization

  2.    Best telephone number to reach you at

  3.    Best email address

  4.   The date and what time you will need entertainment

  5.   The location such as what city and state

  6.   How many people will be attending the event?

  7.   What is your entertainment budget?

  8.   What are the goals of the event? 

  9.   Which show package do you feel will work best for your party? (Don’t worry, I’ll help you make the right decision.)

      You are now my SuperHero partner so take action now and either call me or email me with as much of the above information possible.  Superheroes are fast, so contact me now before all of the dates are gone.  I’m looking forward to our adventure together.




“My wife saw you perform and was so impressed that she insisted the Association hire you to 
perform at our annual Christmas party.  Since the party, many of the participants have raved about your performance and have inquired about your services.  It is also the consensus of our Association that you did an outstanding job.  We hope to have you perform for our organization again in the near future.  I would recommend your services to anyone who requires an energetic, dynamic and riveting entertainer such as yourself.” 
-Craig Eicher, Pleasanton Police Officers Association

“The event was applauded by the crowd who attended and it will go down on the book of records as one of the funniest magic shows ever performed.”
-John M. Derby, The Merced County Times

“Who Else Wants To Make Their Holiday Party So Much Fun That People Will Talk About It For Months to Come?”


“You get the performance for FREE if I don’t deliver the following results...”

Your group will laugh like crazy

Your group will be involved

Your group will be amazed

Your group will have a great time

Your group will be thoroughly entertained

You will be thanked for creating a memorable and fun experience

You will achieve the goals that you set for this event

If You Are Not 100% Happy With The Show You Don’t Pay

You’ll Be The SuperHero When You Have Godfrey The Magician At Your Event GUARANTEED!

Won’t You Love Seeing This Reaction at Your Event?

She is flabbergasted because the magic trick happened in her hand.


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